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The Hot Mommas Project, world's largest library of teachable role models, is an award-winning venture housed at the George Washington University School of Business. Nominate a role model today! Learn more ...

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Coaching and Consulting Services

Coaching focuses growth and change, while providing structure and accountability. Coaching deepens your learning and incites action leading to increased satisfaction and acheivement. Your coach is your guide and facilitator in this process. A coach guides you towards your desired outcome and is focused on you.

Consulting focuses analyzing your situation and/or business, determining what's working well, what isn't and what's not being addressed; proposing a solution and/or plan to address and potentially implementing the plan. Consulting is results oriented and is focused on the outcome.

Coaching versus Consulting

Quick and dirty analogy ... A coach will help you understand the how and why of eating a balanced diet, what's keeping you from eating a balanced diet, and guide you as you develop one. A consultant will explain what a balanced diet is, recommend a diet plan, teach you how to evaluate diet plans, and possibly create the plan for you.

As moms we know life is not always so clear cut. Sometimes you need a little guidance and accountability and sometimes you just need a solution. With customized coaching, consulting and hybrid plans, we've got you covered!

Work-Life Balance Myth?

There are many who say that work-life balance is a myth ... that it doesn't really exist ... that it's not really possible to achieve. I see work-life balance as a state of being, rather than something to be achieved. We may have a sense of balance at any given point in our day, our week or any other point in time, but it's not permanent. Life is ever-changing and so our work-life balance is also in flux and ebbs and flows as our circumstances change.

Work-life integration, however, is different in that the focus is not on achieving an ideal state of balance with just the right amount of work and play by performing an ongoing juggling act — It's about a whole-life approach.

By exploring all aspects of our lives and increasing our awareness of our values, motivators, skills and talents we can use this knowledge to create a work life that's in synch with who we are and what we love to do. Rather than holding work and life in two hands and striking a balance between the two, we create an integrated world, where what we do for a living is an integral part of who we are. When we approach our work and lives from this perspective, we are no longer juggling, but are operating within the flow of our lives. Because the two are integrated, there is less internal struggle and less conflict, which leads to less stress and more fulfillment.

By focusing on an integrated approach, we can:

  • Live more balanced and fulfilled lives
  • Get in touch with what really fills us up and connect with it on a daily basis
  • Be comfortable with and confident in our choices and decisions
  • Live and enjoy life in the moment by focusing on what matters most

Contact me to discover how, through coaching and/or consulting, you can starting living the life you dream of.