You Must Learn

My quest to find a new job has had so many benefits I had not anticipated. For one, there is time to think, reflect, and the liberation from a non-self-imposed schedule (minus the few job interviews I have had thus far). The growing sentiments in the past few years of work-life balance for me have slowly transitioned into life-life balance, like a new day dawning. I am aggressively seeking the perfect new career, a new focus, something close to my heart, and at the same time, focusing on aspects of my life-living, e.g. giving myself time for an hours long bike ride, an activity which is close to my heart.

A chain of events has become a blessing for me. Firstly, my severance agreement from my previous job has offered me the opportunity to take as much professional development that I can absorb. As stated in a previous post, sleep can be daunting for me, so I found myself loving the opportunity to absorb professional development in long stretches with hyper-focus. Within the learning platform of which I had become more and more fascinated with, I had discovered and touched base with someone who seemed to have a very similar professional skill set. I was excited because these skills are an odd mix and a little broad. The more I communicated with my new found connection I became inspired by her breadth of knowledge and her passion for learning and teaching.

As time went by I found out that she was very much in the sleepless yet passionate mindset as I had been. This prompted me to share educational opportunities that I had free access to with her, cause… gotta’ spread the love while I can. These opportunities were of shared interest and the more she inspired me the more I kept digging for courses for both of us. All of this activity made her a better and better friend and directed me to be more and more focused in my pursuits. Amazing resume, done. Organized profile, done. Sharing the resources I was permitted to with the whole learning platform, done. But most importantly I learned determination, focus, stamina, and an actual improvement in getting sleep, thanks to this new found partner in re-imagining one’s self. Gifts and blessings between us have encouraged us both to know we are not alone, and we are not unique in where we were in regards to being self-focused and determined. I am thankful and have also learned within the life-life balance I am living now, that networking can be broader than the traditional professional networking. It can be life-life networking. I am honored and humbled to have a common “eye on the prize” with her and hope to meet many more who share this mindset.